Our Name

The name, Fine Structure Ventures®, is perhaps most meaningful to the scientist-entrepreneurs we partner with.

In physics, the fine-structure constant, commonly denoted by α (the Greek letter alpha), is named for the spacing between the spectral lines in the fine structure of the hydrogen atom. It is a dimensionless, fundamental physical constant which describes the interaction between elementary charged particles, such as electrons, and an electromagnetic field. If the value of alpha were much different from the one we know, it would impact whether nuclear fusion within stars produces carbon or whether atoms can form stable molecules–both of which are critical for life.

The fine structure constant is moreover the single best predicted constant in all of physics. Quantum electrodynamics, a field founded by Julian Schwinger, Richard Feynman, and Freeman Dyson, predict its value from first principles, and the associated experiments match to 11 digits.

At Fine Structure Ventures, we are also making predictions to realize alpha, used in this context to represent excess return on investment. We take a first principles approach, looking for technologies that, if realized at scale, would have obvious, dramatic, global impact. While we only aspire to the brilliance of Dyson or Feynman, we nevertheless seek unprecedented accuracy in our evaluation of investment opportunities.

A Rich Legacy

Fine Structure Ventures is rooted in one of America’s great entrepreneurial success stories. Fidelity Investments was founded in 1946 and grew from a single mutual fund into one of the largest asset management firms in the world, with over $2 trillion under management. For the last fifty years, our independent venture capital group has had the privilege of backing other great entrepreneurs as they built ground-breaking companies, including Atari and MCI in the early days.

A Focused Team of Specialists

Although we are backed by a resourceful global platform, we are a small team passionate about the impact science can make and singularly focused on the success of the entrepreneurs we are privileged to work with. We bring together decades of experience in investments, operations, entrepreneurship, and in scientific research.

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