Gilmour Space Technologies

Adam Gilmour, James Gilmour
Queensland, Australia
Year Invested

Satellite companies deploying New Space technologies are still bottlenecked by launch costs and availability.

Gilmour Space is building a new suite of launch vehicles powered by low-cost hybrid propulsion. More affordable and dedicated access to space will catalyze the New Space economy.

When we first met Adam Gilmour, we were admittedly surprised that one of Australia’s most prominent space entrepreneurs had a 20-year background in investment banking. Yet, as we spent more time with Adam, he continually impressed us with his vast knowledge of rocketry, world-class ability to recruit and hire top talent, and intense passion for democratizing access to space. Although Adam wasn’t an aerospace engineer by training, it was clear that he was hyper-focused on every single part in a rocket engine and worked in lockstep with his engineering team. With his finance background, he has been a force of nature at executing on business milestones, landing government grants and commercial partnerships even while pre-launch.

We are proud to have led Gilmour Space’s Series C round to accelerate the company towards its first orbital launch in 2022.