Sepion Technologies

Dr. Peter Frischmann, Dr. Brett Helms
Emeryville, CA
ClimateTech, Materials
Year Invested

Longer range batteries are necessary for widespread adoption of electric vehicles and aviation.

Sepion Technologies is commercializing advanced polymeric materials to dramatically upgrade the energy density of lithium batteries produced by today’s gigafactories.

From our first conversation with Peter Frischmann, we were impressed with Sepion’s technical prowess, scientific rigor, and outstanding company culture. However, during the course of our due diligence, we were blown away by the company’s rate of progress in furthering the cycle life and safety of and customer interest in their record-setting lithium metal batteries. It became clear that Sepion had the technology and team to radically alter the transportation landscape by partnering with existing battery manufacturers to produce lithium metal batteries.

We are delighted to be working closely with Sepion after leading their Series A round in October 2021 to get their batteries on the road and in the skies by 2025.