Jennifer Uhrig

Senior Managing Director


Jennifer Uhrig is the Senior Managing Director at Fine Structure Ventures.  Previously, Ms. Uhrig worked for over two decades in the Fidelity Growth Group as an equity analyst and fund manager. In her portfolio manager assignments, Ms. Uhrig managed start-up product including the Fidelity Mid-Cap Stock Fund and larger funds including the Blue Chip Growth Fund with assets of up to $38 billion. She has more than 35 years of investment experience and has heard over 20,000 company pitches. 

In addition to her current role, Ms. Uhrig is a Senior Advisor to Fidelity Management & Research Company.  In this capacity, she serves on the Board of Directors of COLT Technology Services, where she chairs the Audit Committee, on the Board of Directors of Geode Capital Management, and on the Board of Advisors of eMoney Advisor.    

Prior to joining Fidelity, Ms. Uhrig was a research associate for Fred Alger Management.  

Ms. Uhrig holds an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College and a B.A. in Government cum laude from Harvard College. 

  • Many consider fusion to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of clean energy because it has the potential to power the grid with minimal greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Supported by the world’s leading investors in breakthrough energy technologies, Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) has assembled a world-class team of experts in magnets, manufacturing, and plasma physics dedicated to the mission of delivering clean, limitless fusion power to the world.

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  • Hedron is building a network of data relay satellites that will help solve the connectivity problems faced by remote sensing constellations. Earth Observation (EO) satellites spend 70% of their orbits in connectivity blackout zones, forced to hold their critical data onboard until the next downlink opportunity. With leading multi-aperture optical technology, Hedron is building the infrastructure that makes high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to space a reality.

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  • Fat is the single most important sensory component in meat, but the plant oils currently used in meat alternatives lack the physical properties and flavor of animal fat. Hoxton Farms combines cell biology and mathematical modeling to produce cultivated animal fat, the key ingredient that will unlock meat alternatives that look, cook, and taste like the real thing.

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  • VEIR’s innovations enable reliable, cost–effective high-temperature superconductor (HTS) transmission over very long distances through narrow rights–of–way, connecting lowest cost renewable resources to where they’re needed, when they’re needed. VEIR’s passive evaporative cryogenic cooling delivers significantly more cooling power per kilogram of nitrogen flow compared to mechanical subcooling.

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