Brett Rome

Venture Partner


Brett Rome is an Executive-in-Residence at Devonshire Investors and a Venture Partner at Fine Structure Ventures. At Fine Structure, Brett has led the firm’s investments in Gilmour Space and Radian Aerospace. Previously, he founded North Hill Ventures, originally as the venture capital affiliate of Capital One. North Hill targeted early stage financial technology and marketing technology companies. Brett’s investments at North Hill included investments in Smart Destinations, Forefield, Lendio, and OpenPages. Before North Hill, he was a Principal at Westbury Capital Partners, focusing on early stage investments in telecommunications, health care technology, and enterprise software. Earlier, Brett was a Principal with the Parthenon Group (now Parthenon-EY), a strategy consulting firm.

Brett holds an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College and an A.B. from Princeton University.

  • Launch costs and availability are two of the biggest hurdles for small-satellite customers who are developing, testing and deploying New Space technologies. Gilmour Space is developing new launch vehicles powered by lower-cost hybrid propulsion technologies. Their Eris orbital rocket will offer more affordable, reliable and dedicated launches into Low Earth Orbits (LEO) from 2023.

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  • Most launch vehicles have been designed to carry relatively heavy payloads to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) but do not present viable, low-cost options for transporting crew and/or lighter cargo. Radian Aerospace is developing the holy grail of spaceflight: the world’s first fully reusable horizontal takeoff and landing, single-stage to orbit spaceplane. Radian’s system delivers people and light cargo to LEO and terrestrial destinations with aircraft-like operations. It will make spaceflight affordable and routine, expanding access to commercial space and unlocking the next generation of missions in scientific research and in-space manufacturing.

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