Most of the everyday products we use are created from molds and dies

Creating these precision metal parts is the job of the $45B tooling industry. It has traditionally been a time-consuming and expensive process, which can act as a bottleneck in manufacturers' product launch schedules. Across industries, OEMs are facing pressure to reduce costs, iterate quickly, and improve product quality. They were stuck with existing conventional manufacturing techniques until Mantle came along with a revolutionary technology called TrueShape.

Radian Aerospace

Delivering on the decades-old dream of a single-stage, horizontal take-off rocket.

The concept of a spacecraft that could take-off like an airplane, ascend into orbit, and return to earth landing on a typical runway originated in the early 1960's. Imagine – a launch vehicle that relies only propellants and fluids, no disposable parts, no major hardware shed from the launch and burned up in atmosphere, unrecoverable. The notion for such a space-plane represents the ultimate aspiration of any mission beyond our Earth's atmosphere. And for over half a century, despite tremendous research and development for the holy grail of space travel, this notion of a single-stage vehicle has remained purely theoretical.